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Daren Wride

My name is Daren Wride and I’ve been a pastor since 1990, spending about 20 years in regular pastoral ministry. For the past decade I’ve been in bi-vocational ministry.

Sometimes my primary work has been church related, sometimes it's been more outside the church.

I’ve been a professional speaker, affiliate marketer, author, coach/consultant and sold my own products. For a time I ran an internet marketing agency providing online marketing services for a wide variety of businesses.

This is actually less scattered than it sounds, since all of those things overlap and bolster the others.

I’m currently a transitional pastor and coach, helping churches in seasons of crisis or pastoral change. Since this work often has gaps between contracts I have maintained an online presence, selling my books and courses including Priority Pastor, which is about helping pastors and their spouses “craft a focused, sustainable life & ministry.”

Prior to the Covid-19 virus there was already a trend toward bi-vocational ministry and alternative models of church. This is only accelerating, which means that many of my fellow pastors are going to need to learn how to supplement or replace their church income and also learn how to straddle the ministry/non-ministry worlds in a sustainable way.

I have done or am doing all of five things I share in the download, and more. It is a sampling of some of the things you should consider if you are looking at bi-vocational ministry or a career change.

Some of us have difficulty talking about money and ministry in the same sentence. This is because there are many examples of people using ministry for personal gain. What I am talking about here is the equivalent of tent-making, having skills that allow you to generate income while also serving the Church in some way. This is going to become increasingly common and necessary.

Regardless of your ministry/career path, I hope you will continue to be a disciple who makes disciple. In the end, this is all that will really matter.

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